Quick Tip – Group Layer Masks

Do you look at your Photoshop files in horror? Well don’t worry, in my experience most people have trouble when it comes to digital organization. Despite my years in Photoshop, my editing process is still quite messy and files don’t always make sense if I look at them just a couple days later. I forget to rename my layers so I have to turn them on and off to see what’s what, which makes me realize I don’t even know what some of them do other than if I mess with them it will ruin the entire image. But through … Read more

Sunset behind boats docked at Palafox Wharf

Photoshop Edit – Palafox Wharf

As Palafox Pier is one of the best spots in Pensacola to catch a sunset, I’ve been to take photos several times. I even entered a school contest sponsored by Jaco’s where the restriction was photos taken on the pier. Until the other day however, I was never able to get down onto the wharf where the boats are harbored. I was invited in by a lovely couple that owned the quaint sailboat you see in the foreground of my image. It was so much better taking photos from down near the boats instead of behind the fence that is … Read more

Nik Collection – First Impressions

Critically acclaimed photo editing collection NIk has recently been made free to download. I had been keeping my eye on it for a while but it never appeared to offer much that I couldn’t do already in Photoshop and Lightroom. Especially since Google has bought it out they haven’t done much with it besides cut the price. Now that it costs nothing to try, I can give it a spin and see if I’ve been missing out on anything. Time to see if the suite lives up to expectations. It’s a pretty extensive suite of software so I won’t be … Read more