Donut holes

Milton Quality Bakery

I recently had the pleasure of taking photos for local favorite Milton Quality Bakery. Family owned for decades and renowned for their donuts, they were just voted the sweetest bakery in Florida! For the second time in a row! Well deserved, their donuts are seriously delicious. They’ve got a delightful texture, more substantial than my guilty pleasure from a certain famous national donut chain. To go with their continuing success, they wanted new photos for marketing. They’re running more Instagram ads and needed something to really grab users’ attention. In comes me and my experience as a food photographer these … Read more

Women holding up wine glasses

Pensacola Beach Art and Wine Festival

As some of you heard, I suddenly had to make the switch to freelancing last week. While it’s a frightening leap it’s something that I had been thinking about the last couple months. While I’ve tried to prepare for it, there are still a bunch of uncertainties, and I’m so thankful for all the support I’ve gotten these last few days. Doors are opening up and I’m eager to be working with the wonderful creative community that has been prospering in Pensacola. One door that opened was the opportunity to photograph the Art and Wine Festival, hosted by the Pensacola … Read more

Full Time Food Photography

It’s been over a year since I started working for Waitr. First as a contractor, now as a full-time employee. Back in school we had a couple food photography assignments, but I never thought I was going to be pursuing it as a career. Maybe as a side-gig, I had done a couple professionally prior to Waitr. Gotta accept what work you can get as a photographer around here. But here I am, a full-time food photographer. And it’s a blast. The shoots themselves are a bit different than your typical food photoshoots though, with the goal being to photograph … Read more

Bobby van Deusen – Portraits

Now that I’ve finished working on my site, I can finally get back to writing blog posts once every six months. I recently had the chance to work with local jazz pianist Bobby van Deusen. He got in touch with me over Facebook after seeing the headshots I had done for one of his acquaintances, saying he needed some done for him as he is starting a nationwide tour soon. Gotta look good when you’re playing in the big leagues! Having performed in Pensacola and the surrounding area for a couple decades now it’s nice to see a local musician … Read more

Shoot for the Stars

Sometimes when you shoot for the stars, you land back here on earth in the middle of a thunderstorm with lightning crackling everywhere you look. I’ve been wanting for a while to give astrophotography another shot; I wasn’t quite satisfied with the results from last time. Part of it was my camera not being sensitive enough in low light, part of it was making a couple mistakes the first time. So when the last new moon came around, I went back out to Pensacola Beach to photograph the stars. While the weather forecast was uncertain, I had hopes it would … Read more

Air Design Headshots

I was recently hired last-minute to do headshots for a local business here in Pensacola – Air Design. Along with video of several employees singing their identifying jingle for use in a commercial, they wanted headshots for use in their digital ads. Web banners and the like. After my dad, Florida Production Group, video-taped an employee they were sent to me for their impromptu photoshoot. Taking into consideration setup and tear-down, I had about an hour to shoot nearly a dozen staff over two locations at the facility – hectic, to say the least. But I got it done. You … Read more

Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival 2016

This year’s annual Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival was this past weekend. It was my first time going, even my first time in Foley, but I was pleasantly surprised. The traffic was a little out of control, but both the town and the event were quaint and interesting. Besides the obvious attraction from which the festival gets it’s name, there were arts and crafts, food vendors, a carnival, and various other minor events. Unfortunately I got got there rather later than I had planned so I didn’t get to enjoy much of these other offerings before they started setting … Read more

Pelican Drop – Happy New Year!

To put an end to the year, I spent a couple hours downtown during the Pensacola Pelican Drop. Sometimes I forget that there are that many people living in Pensacola. Place was packed and finding a decent spot near the action proved difficult. For those who didn’t attend or don’t live in the area, the Pelican Drop is Pensacola’s equivalent to the Ball Drop at Times Square. Lots of festivities including several music acts in the street and in restaurants and bars, a Ferris-wheel that was brought in for the occasion, and of course, lots of drinking and fun-having.

Photo Shoot at Crowne Plaza

About a year ago I had a study session with a friend at a nearby Starbucks. Being typical students, we got distracted after a while and ended up talking to the person next to us, who was new in town. After explaining that we were photo students studying for a test, she revealed that she had an interest in modeling. So we swap information with the idea of doing a photo shoot at some point. But life goes on, we both get distracted and nothing ever really comes of it until a couple months ago when she contacted me about … Read more