Bobby van Deusen – Portraits

Now that I’ve finished working on my site, I can finally get back to writing blog posts once every six months. I recently had the chance to work with local jazz pianist Bobby van Deusen. He got in touch with me over Facebook after seeing the headshots I had done for one of his acquaintances, saying he needed some done for him as he is starting a nationwide tour soon. Gotta look good when you’re playing in the big leagues! Having performed in Pensacola and the surrounding area for a couple decades now it’s nice to see a local musician … Read more

Air Design Headshots

I was recently hired last-minute to do headshots for a local business here in Pensacola – Air Design. Along with video of several employees singing their identifying jingle for use in a commercial, they wanted headshots for use in their digital ads. Web banners and the like. After my dad, Florida Production Group, video-taped an employee they were sent to me for their impromptu photoshoot. Taking into consideration setup and tear-down, I had about an hour to shoot nearly a dozen staff over two locations at the facility – hectic, to say the least. But I got it done. You … Read more