Donut holes

Milton Quality Bakery

I recently had the pleasure of taking photos for local favorite Milton Quality Bakery. Family owned for decades and renowned for their donuts, they were just voted the sweetest bakery in Florida! For the second time in a row! Well deserved, their donuts are seriously delicious. They’ve got a delightful texture, more substantial than my guilty pleasure from a certain famous national donut chain. To go with their continuing success, they wanted new photos for marketing. They’re running more Instagram ads and needed something to really grab users’ attention. In comes me and my experience as a food photographer these … Read more

Air Design Headshots

I was recently hired last-minute to do headshots for a local business here in Pensacola – Air Design. Along with video of several employees singing their identifying jingle for use in a commercial, they wanted headshots for use in their digital ads. Web banners and the like. After my dad, Florida Production Group, video-taped an employee they were sent to me for their impromptu photoshoot. Taking into consideration setup and tear-down, I had about an hour to shoot nearly a dozen staff over two locations at the facility – hectic, to say the least. But I got it done. You … Read more