Shoot for the Stars

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Sometimes when you shoot for the stars, you land back here on earth in the middle of a thunderstorm with lightning crackling everywhere you look.

I’ve been wanting for a while to give astrophotography another shot; I wasn’t quite satisfied with the results from last time. Part of it was my camera not being sensitive enough in low light, part of it was making a couple mistakes the first time. So when the last new moon came around, I went back out to Pensacola Beach to photograph the stars.

While the weather forecast was uncertain, I had hopes it would clear up. But in Florida when it rains, it pours. I had thunderstorms developing all around me, lightning lighting up the sky in in every direction. Luckily it wasn’t raining where I was and it looked like the lightning was a good distance away, so I stuck around for a few minutes to capture nature’s stunning display.

But as soon as I heard the slight patter of water drops hitting the cement around me I got the hell out of there.

And then I went out the next day, again with uncertain weather. This time around though it held out and clouds were sparse. The stars were stunning and I spent a good few hours capturing them and even doing a timelapse. Which was a pain because I didn’t have anything with me to automate the process, resulting in me looking at my watch for an hour and pressing the shutter every minute.

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