Pelican Drop – Happy New Year!

To put an end to the year, I spent a couple hours downtown during the Pensacola Pelican Drop. Sometimes I forget that there are that many people living in Pensacola. Place was packed and finding a decent spot near the action proved difficult. For those who didn’t attend or don’t live in the area, the Pelican Drop is Pensacola’s equivalent to the Ball Drop at Times Square. Lots of festivities including several music acts in the street and in restaurants and bars, a Ferris-wheel that was brought in for the occasion, and of course, lots of drinking and fun-having.

Photo Shoot at Crowne Plaza

About a year ago I had a study session with a friend at a nearby Starbucks. Being typical students, we got distracted after a while and ended up talking to the person next to us, who was new in town. After explaining that we were photo students studying for a test, she revealed that she had an interest in modeling. So we swap information with the idea of doing a photo shoot at some point. But life goes on, we both get distracted and nothing ever really comes of it until a couple months ago when she contacted me about … Read more