Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival 2016

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This year’s annual Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival was this past weekend. It was my first time going, even my first time in Foley, but I was pleasantly surprised. The traffic was a little out of control, but both the town and the event were quaint and interesting. Besides the obvious attraction from which the festival gets it’s name, there were arts and crafts, food vendors, a carnival, and various other minor events. Unfortunately I got got there rather later than I had planned so I didn’t get to enjoy much of these other offerings before they started setting up the balloons and I rushed to take photos.

Altogether there were nearly 40 balloons being set up and they let you get up right up to the baskets to see what they were doing. There were so many photographers swarming around all of the people setting things up, I felt somewhat bad adding to their numbers. Everyone there was super friendly and flexible with the situation though.

After rushing around taking photos of them inflating the balloons, I went off to find a good place to set up myself to take photos of them lifting off. However, do to unlucky weather, they weren’t able to leave the ground. I was still able to get a few good shots from a nearby pond with the balloons reflecting in the water.

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