Bobby van Deusen – Portraits

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Now that I’ve finished working on my site, I can finally get back to writing blog posts once every six months.

I recently had the chance to work with local jazz pianist Bobby van Deusen. He got in touch with me over Facebook after seeing the headshots I had done for one of his acquaintances, saying he needed some done for him as he is starting a nationwide tour soon. Gotta look good when you’re playing in the big leagues!

Having performed in Pensacola and the surrounding area for a couple decades now it’s nice to see a local musician make it out of a town with limited musical opportunities. If you haven’t heard him play, here he is in action, complete with piano solo at the end.

I decided to do this downtown as it is somewhat reminiscent of New Orleans, which is what you think of when you think of jazz. We met an hour before sunset at Plaza Ferdinand and took some photos there in the park – being so hot we didn’t want to walk around a whole lot. The water fountain and trees ended up making for a nice backdrop.

All in all Bobby was a pleasure to work with and I’m glad I was able to capture photos he ended up loving. 🙂

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