Air Design Headshots

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I was recently hired last-minute to do headshots for a local business here in Pensacola – Air Design. Along with video of several employees singing their identifying jingle for use in a commercial, they wanted headshots for use in their digital ads. Web banners and the like. After my dad, Florida Production Group, video-taped an employee they were sent to me for their impromptu photoshoot. Taking into consideration setup and tear-down, I had about an hour to shoot nearly a dozen staff over two locations at the facility – hectic, to say the least.

But I got it done. You gotta do the job right?

The Shoot

For lighting the entire shoot I used two hotshoe flashes on stands with umbrella modifiers. The first location was interesting as it was in a storeroom of sorts. I thought it would be a good background that gave some amount visual identification as to what the person does. The subject is the star of course, but I like every part of the image to contribute in some way. Lighting was tricky because of the tight space, I had one light in front of and to the left of the subject and another down an aisle to the right, giving light to the background and the subjects’ back and side.

The second location was a bit easier, they wanted photos taken in front of their new vehicle with the logo. It was overcast and I used the two lights slightly in front and to either side of the subjects in order to give some definition and make them stand out from the truck. When the sun cooperated it even provided a faint hairlight, which was a nice touch.


The post-processing side of things wasn’t too difficult. They needed the images ASAP which of course I was able to accommodate for them. The shots outside required a certain amount of exposure compensating to equalize all of them because of the shifting clouds causing the light to constantly change. There were a couple more detailed oriented adjustments like brief skin retouching where needed and making their identification more pronounced.

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