Where the Passion Came From

Growing up, my dad owned a video production company. Do I need to say anything more? He would always be learning to new programs, even at home, and when I was younger I would watch over his shoulder as he photo-shopped his face onto Godzilla. When I was old enough he installed a copy of Photoshop onto my own computer and I would spend a lot of time looking up tutorials online, creating whatever graphical abominations were popular back in the mid 2000’s. If I remember correctly everything included an over-abundance of gradients.

Graduating High school, I went into Pensacola State College’s art program with the intention of getting a two year degree and transferring to a school like SCAD for animation or visual effects. Plans changed however when I took Photography I as an elective my second year. Unlike a lot of other colleges, all the beginner photography programs at PSC involve old-school film. Something about the physical experience of developing your own film, going into the darkroom and making your own prints really changed how I viewed photography. It’s entirely different than just looking at pixels on a screen. (Although that’s all I do now) After this class, I immediately switched to their photo program and graduated in 2014 with AS Photographic Technology and AA Art degrees, both Magna Cum Laude.

Where the Passion Has Been

My senior year of High School, naturally I started interning for my dad – primarily as a video editor since that was more my wheel house. Once I was up to scratch, he’d let me work on minor projects and eventually I had a couple clients that actually trusted my teenage self to edit their commercials. I worked for him throughout college, and until I got hired on by Waitr. If I haven’t already mentioned, his primary clientele were car dealers and this experience working on time-sensitive projects helped me develop a sense of time management. They needed spots turned around as soon as they got their monthly offers and we were the only ones who could do it.

In 2017 I was approached by the head photographer at Waitr, a Louisiana based food delivery service that was moving into Pensacola. They needed a photographer to take professional photos of the food of all the restaurants in the area that signed on with them. I started working for them as a contractor later that year, was hired on full time in February of 2018, and I’ve been with them since. In my time I’ve taken consistent and high-quality photos of hundreds of restaurants food, from Mobile to Pensacola to Destin and even Houma, Louisiana.

In My Free Time

I’m a huge nerd – If I’m not taking photos I’m probably playing video games or playing D&D with my friends. However I have varied interests and my biggest hobby is probably cooking. Which means, despite my appearance, I’m pretty much always thinking about food. Whether it’s figuring out the best way to photograph a certain dish or what new recipe to try for dinner, it’s always on my mind. I love my job as a food photographer not only because it’s such a joy to do, but also because it provides a fantastic inspiration for my own cooking.